Only 3 out of 10 projects succeed

Too many projects encounter problems, take the wrong course or fail, with huge losses of time, money and engagement as a result.   Main reasons behind this are lack of individual project management competence and low project environment maturity within the organisation.   Energaia has more than 30 years of project management experience and can help you with project and programme management and governance, project management competence build-up and project management maturity development maturity.

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About us

The company Energaia AB was founded by Christer Hedberg in 1999 with the purpose of advocating the use of hydrogen in sustainable energy solutions, new ENERgy for GAIA (i.e. mother earth). Initially the company focused on developing self-sustained, combined heat and power solutions for small houses, using an electrolyser to develop hydrogen through the use of solar panels and wind-turbines, storing the hydrogen in tanks and then producing electricity by flowing hydrogen and oxygen in fuel cells.

In this period, an electrolyser was developed in co-operation with Uppsala University and representative agreements were entered into with Ropatec for vertical-axed wind-turbines and with Bekar Europe GmbH for solar panels.

Energaia was also a driving force in H2forum, the Swedish Hydrogen Association and served as a consultant to the Morphic Group in their business area Small Energy Systems. Over the years, based on the founder’s project management experiences, the focus has shifted into project management methodology, helping organisations to run projects better and more efficient, and helping individuals to increase their project management competencies through competence development planning, providing project management training and providing project manager certifications (PRINCE2). This is done in collaboration with Canea Consulting Group and with GreenlightPM. Furthermore, the founder’s international experience has also lead to an engagement with Xeric, a company helping Swedish companies and organisations to expand abroad.

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PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

The PRINCE2 Foundation Level introduces the PRINCE2 method. The Foundation certification aims to confirm that you know and understand the PRINCE2 method well enough to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team working within an environment supporting PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification

The PRINCE2 Practitioner certi- fication aims to confirm that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding to apply and tailor the method in a range of differrent project environments and scenarios.

PLG – Basic Project Management

This project management training course give you the necessary knowledge to effectively conduct projects in your organization.

GPMM – Project methodology

The Greenlight Project Management Model contains fundamental infor- mation about project management, agile methods, program management, project portfolio management and PMO management.

Project Management Consulting

Working together we will help you to identify and implement the necessary activities with a goal to improve the project culture of your organization.

Continuous Transformation

With our expertise in project, program and portfolio management we will be able to support the transformation of your organization in the most efficient way to achieve change with sustainable results.


Energaia is my own company, but I am also a Senior Partner and Board Member of Xeric, and a PRINCE2 trainer accredited by APMG. With 35+ years of project management line management experience, I have developed a passion for project management and I have gained a solid knowledge about all aspects of project management and project methodology, evidenced by PMP- and PRINCE2 Practitioner certifications.

Main project and line management experience is drawn from employment with Ericsson during 1977-2003 and 2007-2014. During these periods I held various management positions like Finance Manager, Legal Advisor, Business Area Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, Project Management Office Manager, General Manager and Country Manager for Ericsson entities in Saudi-Arabia, Iraq, Botswana, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Denmark, Norway and in Sweden. I have specialised in project management and have lead development and deployment of the project management methodology that is used globally by Ericsson for managing sales and delivery of it’s customer projects.

During the years 2004 and 2006 I dedicated my time to renewable energy, involving wind power and hydrogen solutions, developing products in co-operation with Uppsala University. As a consultant, I was appointed as Business Area Manager for small Energy Systems in the Swedish Morphic Group, and I have served as board member at the Swedish Hydrogen Association (H2forum) and as election board member of the Swedish PMI Chapter. Since 2014, I am providing project management training and project manager certification (PRINCE2) in collaboration with Canea Partner Group, Sweden, and Greenlight Project Management, Spain. Furthermore, as a senior board partner and board member of Xeric, I am also assisting Swedish companies in expanding abroad. Bachelor degree from Stockholm School of Economics (Business and Economics)


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Reference Cases

Competence Development & Training

2013 CPM in CFR-role (GreenlightPM) Virtual course Latin America
2015 PROPS-C (GreenlightPM) Company internal Saudi-Arabia
2014 PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner Open course, Sweden (Canea)
2015 PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner Company internal Sweden (Canea)
2015 PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner Open course Sweden (Canea)
2015 PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner Open course Sweden (Canea)
2016 PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner Open course Sweden (Canea)
2016 PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner Open course Sweden (Canea)
2016 PRINCE2 Foundation Open course Sweden (Canea)
2017 PRINCE2 Foundation Open course Sweden (Canea)
2017 PRINCE2 Foundation Open course Sweden (Canea)
2017 PRINCE2 Foundation Open course Sweden (Canea)
2018 PRINCE2 Foundation Open course Sweden (Canea)
2018 PRINCE2 Foundation Open course Sweden (Canea)
2018 PRINCE2 Foundation Open course Sweden (Canea)
2018 Project Management – PLG Open course Sweden (Canea)


Developing and Embedding Project Management Methodology

1999 Development of PM4U (Ericsson) Project methodology for customer projects Business area Network Roll-out (NRO)
2001 Embedding of PM4U (Ericsson globally) Project methodology for Network Roll-out
2002 SME NRO in development of PROPS-C Project methodology for customer projects (Business Unit Global Services, Ericsson)
2007-2010 Embedding PROPS-C and developing the PMO (Market unit Saudi-Arabia, Ericsson)
2009-2010 Embedding CPM@Ericsson project governance 2010 (Market unit Saudi-Arabia, Ericsson)
2012 Embedding Project governance methodology (Customer Unit NOBA, Denmark/Norway, Ericsson)
2014 Developing courses PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner (Canea, Sweden)


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