Consultant Services

Improving Project Management Maturity

Further to courses and training, we also deliver consultant services that will increase the project management competence of the individuals in an organization, and that will increase the project management maturity of the organization.

Successful project management

Consultant Services for achieving successful project management:

Organizations can substantially improve their project management capability and maturity by adopting a project management methodology, by implementing a Project Management Office or by using a skilled transformation project manager.

Working together we will help you to identify and implement the necessary activities with a goal to improve the project culture of your organization, whereby achieving more successful projects.

Three ways to obtain more successful projects


Introducing a Project Management Office

A PMO is normally set up in an organization to provide support and services for its programmes and projects.

PMO responsibility areas:

  • Advocating a project culture
  • Appoint/develop project managers
  • Define and handle project processes
  • Sharing PM knowledge
  • Project governance
  • Handling the project portfolio

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Using a Transition Project Manager

Occasionally, organizations may need a temporary project manager, due to a shortage of available own competent project managers.

This situation can be bridged by using a transition project manager.

This temporary solution not only helps maintain project momentum but also provides an opportunity for knowledge transfer and skills development among the existing team members.

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Embedding a Project Management Methodology

An organisation will have more successful projects by increasing the organization’s project maturity, This is done by implementing a new project management methodology or by improving the existing project management model.

With our expertise in project, program and portfolio management we will be able to support the transformation of your organization in the most efficient way to achieve change with sustainable results.

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